B2B Activation


Client: IBM

Agency Partner: George P. Johnson

How IBM uses big data to help tell the Wimbledon story.

IBM wanted an immersive way of explaining how the massive amounts of tennis data they collect transforms into meaningful and engaging insights for fans, automates key business processes, and secures Wimbledon’s entire environment. 

Ace Reactions is a data-driven experience based on the popular ‘Batak’ reaction game, where real-time reaction data will determine where audiences sit on the leaderboard and compare them to the reaction times of world-class tennis players collected from Wimbledon.

Working with George P. Johnson, 2DM designed and built Ace Reactions, starting with an interactive educational piece that told IBM’s Wimbledon story, to the game logic, a control panel and a reaction wall that allowed users to test their own speed against the world’s best.