Entertainment & Leisure


Client: K11

Agency Partner: Pico Play

There is a hero in all of us

How do you evolve the tried and tested model of the family fun theme parks?
Excitement – Check. Heart pounding rides – Check. Two-way interaction – how?

11 SKIES is a new ‘game-changing’ retail-entertainment hub being built at Hong Kong International Airport, where a new theme park experience is being created with our strategic partner Pico Play. An experience where the excitement and anticipation isn’t passive, it’s interactive. Where you don’t sit and take the ride, you become immersed in the ride.

2DM was approached to engineer a solution, and not just from an online platform perspective, but from a connectivity and hardware perspective. An eco-system solution that starts at the player, connects to the experience, that can be tracked at all times.

So we are creating AXC-GAP (AXTON CITY GAME ADMINISTRATIVE PLATFORM), a complete operating system to control the first-ever two-way-interaction theme park, allowing players to become the players. AXC-GAP immerses players into the dystopian, futuristic world of AXTION CITY, tracks and monitors gameplay from every player, collecting data from movement, thinking and skill and converting them into points. AXC-GAP turns real-time surroundings in AXTION CITY into a playable video game.

AXTION CITY is still in production so check back for details.