B2B Activation


Client: Envision

Agency Partner: Just Global

What does Formula-E have with creating a Net-Zero business?

21% of the world’s big businesses have pledged to a Net-Zero target by 2030, unfortunately, that number still needs to grow for global sustainability impact and must include all businesses, not just the top 2000. 

Envision, a business focused on Net-Zero solutions needed a way to educate audiences without using the normal business dribble, a platform to excite rather than lecture. 

Introducing ‘Driver for Change’ a Formula-E (FE) interactive portal that highlights sustainability technology found in their race cars that provide real-time feedback and improvements for their business solutions. Learn how Envision’s innovation on the track is lending to their knowledge and growth in helping businesses reach Net-Zero.

2DM designed and engineered a platform that not only educated but pushed interactivity to a new level. Mixed media interaction was used to allow users to take a selfie and be transformed into a CGI race car driver positioned in front of their very own Envision FE car. Users could customise their poster with their own signature and racing number of choice.